Government will appeal the Catalan rental law and request its suspension

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, hinted this Wednesday in Congress, responding to a Bildu deputy, who referred him to the question from the Llogateres Union, after days of rumors.

“Is the government going to suspend the law?” The minister’s response was not encouraging for the defenders of the regulation “If a regional law violates the competence framework, I have the political, moral and legal obligation to present that appeal.

I can’t look the other way ”. As this newspaper has learned, the Government has already made the decision to appeal to the Constitutional Court (TC) and request the suspension of the Catalan law that limits rents, which has been in force since last September. The measure will in principle be approved in the next Council of Ministers, to be held on Tuesday next week.

According to sources from the Executive, the decision is made after unsuccessfully trying to agree with the Government of changes in the law to adjust it to the Magna Carta.

The challenge by the Executive comes after the TC admitted to processing last January the appeal of unconstitutionality of the PP In parallel, the PSOE and Podemos coalition has been trying for months without success to reach an agreement between both parties to approve a state rule on rents , with the purple ones pressing for it to contain a higher level of protection for tenants.

Members of the Sindicat de Llogateres de Catalunya have traveled to Madrid this Thursday to appear in Congress and defend Catalan law, promoted by social movements.

“We cannot allow the State to overturn a law regulating rents that has cost many people sweat and tears. That protects the life and future of thousands of people, ”says Jaime Palomera, a spokesperson for the union.

The Sindicat de Llogateres also insist that the decision comes after having verified with official data that Catalan law is working.

” Prices drop globally in municipalities where regulation is in force, and increase in non-regulated ones,” they point out, underlining that the market has not come to a standstill, as they denounced what would happen from the real estate sector.

“There have been record numbers of new contracts,” they conclude, citing data from the quarterly balance published by the Institut Català del Sòl (Incasòl).

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