3 Palestinians Including Two Security Forces Members Killed In West Bank

Three Palestinians killed in clash with Israeli police in West Bank. An Israeli security officer identified one of the victims as a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Three Palestinians , including two members of the security forces , were killed this morning in an exchange of fire with Israeli border police during an arrest operation in the West Bank city of Jenin, Israeli and Palestinian official sources reported.

The dead were identified by the official Palestinian news agency Wafa as Adham Yaser Eleiwi, Tayser Ayasa and Jamel al Amori . The first two were members of the military intelligence services of the Palestinian National Authority . An Israeli security official confirmed their deaths and identified Al Amori as a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and one of the targets of the arrest operation, which took place in the vicinity of a Palestinian intelligence services headquarters.

In addition to Al Amori, who according to the Israeli official opened fire on the agents, another Palestinian, also a suspected member of the group, was seriously injured during the episode and is in the custody of the Israeli Police.

Undercover operative
The Israeli officers who participated in the operation did so dressed as civilians and in a private vehicle, something that according to the security official confused members of the Palestinian intelligence services , with whom these types of operations are usually coordinated, who decided to intervene.

This confusion triggered an armed confrontation, which ended with the death of both Palestinian officers. According to Wafa, in addition, a third was injured and is hospitalized . On the Israeli side, no officers were injured.

This episode comes after almost two weeks of relative calm in the region, where there was a peak of tension last month, which included an escalation of the war between Israel and the Gaza militias but also multiple violent incidents in the West Bank.

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