TVs With Integrated Xbox Have Arrived

Microsoft is collaborating with TV manufacturers

Microsoft has confirmed that it is collaborating with television manufacturers to integrate its Xbox gaming platform, so that it is possible to play with only one controller, without the need to buy a console.

Microsoft wants to conquer the gaming market, and this goes far beyond the ‘console war’ it has with Sony’s PlayStation. Thanks to the power of the cloud and Xbox Game Pass, the most popular titles can be played on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, and will soon expand to more types of devices.

On the occasion of E3 2021, the annual edition of the most important video game fair, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed some of the rumors that had been ringing in recent months about its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which offers access to hundreds of games for a monthly payment, and in which xCloud, the cloud gaming service, is integrated.

The most anticipated announcement is that Microsoft is working with smart TV makers around the world to integrate the Xbox experience into their system; It will only be necessary to have an Internet connection and a controller to play the titles available on Xbox Game Pass.

In reality, the game does not run on the television, but on Microsoft’s powerful servers, which send the video signal and interpret the signal from our controller. This way, you don’t need high-powered hardware to enjoy the most complex games. It is something we already saw last year with the launch of Xbox Game Pass for Android (and later for iOS as a web application).

Also TV devices
Although there are no official announcements yet, it is to be expected that future TV models will offer access to Xbox Game Pass directly from their interface. However, it will not be necessary to change television to enjoy this experience, because Microsoft has also confirmed that it will launch streaming devices to connect them to any television or monitor.

These can be “sticks”, such as the Amazon Fire TV or the Google Chromecast , which connect directly via HDMI to a television to add “smart” functions such as apps and streaming services; but in the case of Microsoft, it will allow you to play Xbox games without a console.

To this must be added the launch of the web version of Xbox Game Pass, accessible with Edge, Chrome and Safari, which will allow you to play on laptops, MacBooks or less powerful computers, as well as an app for PC.

For now, Xbox Game Pass is not the same as buying an Xbox console , since the player depends on the games that are available; It is like Netflix, in the sense that there are not all the games and the list keeps changing every month, with new entries and exits. Still, Microsoft says that has helped Xbox Game Pass players expand their tastes and play more: 30% have played other genres and 40% have enjoyed more games.

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