Administrative Managers Will Process European Funds For SMEs

The Secretary of State for Administrations requires your collaboration

The Secretary of State for Territorial Policy and Public Function, Víctor Francos, has announced the will of his Department to reach agreements with administrative managers to collaborate with the Administration in the processing of European funds.

“Administrative managers are going to play a very important role in the management of European funds, since the arrival of 175,000 million euros will require your work and collaboration,” explained Francos in the act of taking possession of the re-elected Governing Board of the General Council of Administrative Managers of Spain.

The Secretary of State has announced that the Government’s priority is the digitization of Public Administrations, for which they will have close to 1,000 million euros, thanks to the funds and the Recovery Plan.

Also, he commented in his speech, that for this process they will have the administrative managers because “the experience and knowledge that your profession brings together are highly valued in the Ministry to which I belong. First, because it helps us to make regulatory reforms that are successful and timely; that respond to reality and that tend to make the Administration more agile and more effective.

You know what works, what does not, and what can be improved. Secondly, because you are a clear example of what that we want to achieve, which is the digitization of Public Administrations. In this matter you have been, and continue to be, the spearhead “.

Assumption of the challenge
The re-elected president of the General Council, Fernando Santiago, responded that “we want to assume an active role in the mediation between citizens, the self-employed and businesses, and the Administrations.”

The new Governing Board has also set the basic objectives of expanding the General Council’s services to the Colleges, promoting continuous training for Administrative Managers, developing the gA barometer and creating a study service that allows the sharing of knowledge of the collective and continue supporting the digitization of administrations.

“These are the most outstanding lines, but not the only ones, as we are aware of the responsibility we have with our society and this executive committee wants to reinforce the functions of the General Council to comply with it, as well as with our own group,” he explained Santiago.

Professional Union Support
Victoria Ortega, president of the Professional Union, the association that groups together Spanish collegiate professions, stressed that “we have the essential work example here today: the work carried out during these unusual 15 months by administrative managers.”

These professionals have known, he also added, “to accompany SMEs, and also the self-employed and the self-employed, serving as a guide, marking the itinerary, initially unknown, but which was becoming the appropriate one to follow in the unexpected labyrinth that they have had to sort out “.

Actions like these “have shown once again how your collegiate profession is a guarantee of protection not only for the productive fabric, but also for the general public,” he concluded.

María Gómez del Pozuelo, the founder and CEO of Womenalia, the professional network that seeks to promote talent and the presence of women in the company, has also participated in the inauguration ceremony of the Governing Board.

The businesswoman has pointed out that “small and medium-sized companies make up 98% of the Spanish business fabric” are led by heroic entrepreneurs and supported in their management by our brothers, the administrative managers. ”

“If the government created a serious working group, led by a mixed representation with these managers who are the ones who have all the knowledge through a forceful plan, we would be a few years away from having one of the most productive and envied countries on the planet , where everyone would like to come to study and live “, he commented.

Also, he has shown his fear that the opportunities that may come with Next Generation funds will not be taken advantage of. “If they do not serve to create this solid business fabric, help grow through innovation, digitization and sustainability, create talent pool and attract investment, we will be a country on the brink of ruin for thousands and thousands of its SMEs, and there will be no going back, “he said.

Third consecutive term
Fernando Santiago was re-elected president of the Administrative Managers for a third term (three years) on March 9 by the General Council of Associations of Administrative Managers, made up of the 22 presidents of the Associations of Administrative Managers of Spain, without the need for a vote. in the absence of alternative candidacies.

Since 2010, he has been in charge of the Madrid Association of Managers and, since 2015, of the General Council. One of its great achievements has been the launch of the OEGAM telematic processing platform that registers 98% of the vehicles in the Community of Madrid.

Extensive curriculum
His training and experience are extensive. Degree in Law from the San Pablo-CEU University (1989) with a University Postgraduate Degree in Administrative Management from the University of Alcalá (1992), a Diploma in Tax Law and Tax Advice from the ESINE (1990) and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Management from the ICOGAM and the Camilo José Cela University (2016).

In addition to being the executive president of Sarot Target Group, he also stands out for his teaching activity, since he is a trainer of the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), speaker of the Summer Courses of El Escorial (Complutense University) in collaboration with the National Federation of Workers Self-employed; collaborator of the European University; Director of the Master’s Degree in Administrative Management at the San Pablo University (CEU), Alfonso X el Sabio University, ICOGAM-Camilo José Cela University, and president of the qualifying court for the entrance exams to the administrative manager profession (gA).

The re-elected president of the General Council of Administrative Associations holds various positions in business organizations, as well as a founding partner of Madrid Foro Empresarial, and a member of the Professional Union and the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, as well as founder of the Association of Jurists and Professionals of the Right San Raimundo de Peñafort.

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